• Consumer Goods
  • China Resources Enterprise, Limited is the retail business flagship under China Resources Group, focusing on the four major businesses of retail, beer, food, and beverages, with the aim of becoming a world-class retail consumer goods enterprise.
  • Power
  • CR Power Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the most efficient and effective integrated energy companies in China, and is a Hang Seng Index (HSI) constituent. CR Power’s business operations cover thermal power, coal, wind power, hydropower, distributed energy, nuclear power, and photovoltaic (PV) power generation.
  • Property
  • CR Land Limited is the real estate flagship under China Resources Group, one of the real estate developers with the strongest and most diversified businesses in mainland China. It too is an HSI constituent. Its corporate philosophy is summed up in the slogan “Quality Changes City Life”.
  • Cement
  • CR Cement Holdings Limited is one of the major cement enterprises that enjoy strong state support. CR Cement has become the most competitive cement and ready-mixed concrete supplier in the southern China region on the back of its unique resource distribution capability, and vertically integrated business model for cement and ready-mixed concrete.
  • Gas
  • CR Gas Limited primarily invests in and operates city gas services that are closely related to people’s daily lives in mainland China. These include piped natural gas, vehicle and marine gas, distributed energy, and gas appliance sales.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • CR Pharmaceutical Group Limited was set up in accordance with the requirement ofthe SASAC to “create a state-owned pharmaceutical platform”. It is anintegrated enterprise group combining pharmaceutical Research and Development(R&D), manufacturing and production, as well as marketing under one roof.
  • Finance
  • With the diversified industrial foundation of China Resources Group, CR Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. strives to become China’s unique and leading financial services platform through the business model of integrating industries and finance, and integrating different financial fields. Its businesses involve areas such as banking, trust, funds and securities, providing comprehensive financial solutions to customers.
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    Mar 2016

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